// Claire Senior

If I was Rachel Maria Taylor, I would build a giant earth defending robot from my bric a brac, and save the planet from evil one eyed space aliens. // Claire online 

 Question time

What did you dream about last night?
Since taking a part time stock room job for Christmas, I've been so exhausted of late that I think the dreaming part of my brain has just shut off for a few weeks! I do tend to have quite vivid dreams as a general rule: I have lots where I'm wandering around trinket shops or flea markets looking at stalls displaying unimaginable wonders and beautifully made works of art. Of course, come morning I can only remember that they were exquisite and not exactly what they were! Lately though, all that I recall from my dreams is the same one or two Christmas songs that are played on a perpetual loop on the sound system at work, bah humbug!

Your favourite time of the year
I love Spring. The new growth and re-emerging colours and smells after winter is always long overdue in my opinion!

Your biggest inspiration
In terms of my artwork, the things that inspire my characters the most are the shapes, patterns and textures of everyday objects. I love bringing inanimate daily objects to life and looking at them in a different way. For all who can appreciate the reference (and for those who can't there's YouTube!) I think watching Button Moon at the age of seven must have had a far greater influence on my artistic style than I realised!