// Rachel Maria Taylor

If i was Michelle i would climb into a huge envelope and travel the world.' // Rachel online

 Question time

The most memorable dream you ever had?
The most memorable dream I ever had was one from when I was a child that has reoccurred throughout my life. In a prehistoric lava streaming volcanic land I had to save my cat from falling between the cracks and perishing in the lava. We escaped.

Your daily inspiration.  
My inspiration comes from so many sources, my mind works with narrative and storytelling. I am fascinated by objects that have a history, tell a story and that feel nostalgic. Items that allow you to conjure up elaborate stories of their past and previous owners. Because of this my home feels like a bric-a-brac store, but these are the things that keep feeding my imagination.

If I had wings I would fly... at night so that I could see a bird eye view of the lights of the city twinkling. I reckon it would feel so awesome and breathe taking, and a great way to escape the hussle and bussle.