// Chloe Cook

'If I was Sally, I would magically merge my boyfriend with my cat so I wouldn't worry about people being bored when I talk about them, as a cat-man hybrid would be pretty amazing! I'd then have us all spend Christmas together in Narnia. Lovely!' // Chloe online

Perfect breakfast?
Cheerioooooos! They are my absolute favourite, and have been ever since I can remember. I go MENTAL for cheerios! 

What did you dream about last night
I dreamt about cats (again...). I dreamt that I had one little kitten and over a few days loads more kittens and cats started coming round and staying over, and then eventually a LION came and that was the daddy cat, so I had to kick out one of my housemates so that the cats had their own room because there were so many of them! It was very overwhelming.

Where do you see yourself in five years time?
Maybe in my dream! Haha really though, I hope to live somewhere nice and perhaps near the seaside- like Brighton. I'm pretty sure I'll still be living with Haydn (my boyfriend of 5 years), a cat (or five!) and hopefully I'll be making a living screen printing and drawing. Simple but happy :)