// Stacie Swift

'If I were Michelle I would have a midsummer moustache party with everyone wearing bells to provide the music.'// Stacie online

 Question time

Could you make up a fantastical creature? The perfect one for you!
The perfect fantastical creature for me would be something small and cute. Some kind of pet the size of a mouse so I could always carry it around with me. I’d like it to be curious and a little bit naughty, very fluffy with soft floppy ears and a waggy tail, a bit of a cross between all the best qualities of dogs and cats and rabbits! Its favourite thing to do would be to nibble away the little stress cloud that appears throughout each day. That way all the silly everyday things that have to be worried about, and the bigger problems too, would disappear into the belly of my creature and I would have no worries to distract me from drawing.

What inspires you most when creating imagery?
Making people smile inspires me the most. I try to create images with a sense of humour and particularly enjoy drawing animals in amusing situations or with odd proportions. I like to create work that can be enjoyed by everyone so find it extremely satisfying when I see both adults and children having a positive reaction to my drawings.

Tell me something random about yourself.
I refuse to eat any seafood. The thought of it freaks me out completely despite enjoying it when I was little and being really interested in cookery now I couldn’t even bear to eat a fish finger.