// Sally Renshaw

'If i were stacie, I would just get loads of pets and chillax with them, getting rid of all of my problems and anxieties.'// Sally online

What do you love most in the whole wide world?
Going to try and not sound too obvious by mentioning my boyfriend and cat here. Ok, probably my little brother. We have been through a lot together, come through some bad family times, helped each other out with relationship issues and are like best buddies. He also loves tea and tattoos as much as I do.

Who or what is your biggest inspiration?
 My biggest inspiration in my work are surreal and dark parts of my imagination mixed with cute and funny things that I find IRL. My biggest inspiration in life are divas like Beyonce and Mariah Carey. I like very camp things, I think I'm basically a gay man in a woman's body.

What did you dream about last night?
Narnia wardrobes and how fun this Christmas is going to be in Oslo.