// michelle price

'If i was Hayley i would start a club where only people who had fisheyes were allowed in to play.'
// Michelle online

 Question time

Most memorable moment?
My most memorable moment is a combination of memories. When i was little and lived in Germany we used to have a static caravan in this site called Varenholz. Our caravan was right behind my Oma and Opa's and i have such happy memories from those years i find it hard to single one out. From putting a bell on my sister so she wouldn't wander off, following a caterpillar around the site, to street parties where we surrounded ourselves with hundreds of tea-lights i just can't decide!

Biggest inspiration?
Being able to hear my own crazy thoughts! I see drawings in everything. Faces in curtain patterns, things i overhear people say, conversations i have with my sister. I have this thought process where i play word association games and draw what makes me laugh the most.
In terms of people inspiring me, Marc Johns is amazing. Someone suggested i look at his work a few years ago because i did this weird post-it project and my stuff reminded them of him. I was blown away, his work is hilarious, i love it, especially the moustache drawings. I do love a good moustache.

When i was little i watched 'Ernest scared stupid' and it was the biggest mistake of my life! I remember one part where a girl leans off her bed to check that the troll that's catching kids isn't under there, it's not, but when she sits back up the camera pans out and BAM!! The troll is ON her bed, next to her!! After seeing that i couldn't sleep without a teddy physically touching my back so i knew the troll wasn't behind me! I might still sleep with a teddy or two now.....