// Hayley Warnham

"If I was Maria, I would quit this city and head for the stars."
// Hayley online

 Question time
Would you rather be the Queen/King of a country or the scariest monster there is?
I reckon both of those roles would have their ups and downs, but I'd probably go with being the Queen of a country because I'd get my face on a coin.

Who or what is your biggest inspiration?
I get my inspiration from so many different sources, whether it be the music I listen to, the people I meet or the places I've seen. My head is constantly being exposed to such amazing things, I sometimes wonder how I manage to store it all.

If you could be anyone or anything what would that be?
Of course I'd love to have a successful career in Illustration, or if that fails I wouldn't mind being the guy who invented facebook - he must be rolling in it.