// Maria Bogade

"If I was Murray, I would doodle the walls of my bedroom with my girlfriend and create a imaginary monster garden with her."
// Maria online

Question time
What's you most memorable moment?
Well, that would certainly be the birth of both of my daughters. There is nothing more memorable and astounding then the beginning of a new life.

What is your biggest inspiration?
My biggest inspiration is life itself and nature. Of course my kids are a big inspiration too but also everyone around me and everyone who catches my eye sometimes for no reason on the street. And I am an addict to daydreaming, which gets lots of ideas going in my head, which often end up being drawn on paper.

Tell me something random!
I really need a coffee right now and some chocolat. Wish I could have some magic machine that hands me a cup of fresh coffee every hour with just the right amount of chocolat to go with it. Hmm, maybe I should invent one. And if I could have that very coffee somewhere close to a lake with the mountains in view, that would be just too wonderful to imagine.