// Murray Somerville

"If I was Ackbar Ali, I would make the first space zoo, to draw even more animals!!!"

Question time
What do I Love most in the whole wide world?
I Love Irn-Bru!!! It's THE best drink ever! Could happily drink that forever! Or it would be my favourite possum, my imaginary pet!!

Who or What is my biggest inspiration?
Tricky one as it always changes, but I would say the chapman brothers are up there as one of my big inspirations, they're mental/weird and have explored art through a whole variety of amazing ways! 

What did I dream about last night?
I dreamt that I was still at a live drawing session and when my girlfriend came home when i was asleep I asked her if we would be drawing on her bedsheets as part of the live drawing- she thought I was mental!