// Meera Lee

"If I was Heidi Burton, I'd be the ELEPHANT QUEEN."

Question time
Can you tell us about the image you created for the IF I WAS YOU project!
I portrayed Heidi as the elephant queen! Her dreams and luck-filled minions are intertwined in her hair and carried with her always.

What is your biggest inspiration when creating art?
I am largely inspired by the impossible- I like creating the images I see when I close my eyes, the amalgamations that I wish were real paired with words that should be spoken.

Tell us your favourite memory ever!
One of my favorites: on my 18th birthday, my dearest friends took me to the beach where we hunted for seashells and watched the water ricochet off the rocks. My best friend made me a collaged-book which traced all of our times together and featured Jesse Katsopolis (John Stamos) on the cover. I was happy and had Uncle Jesse in a box. ..amazing