// Abigail Wright

If I was Danielle I would carry my boyfriend with me everywhere, so he was always there for inspiration!

Question time
Who or what is your biggest inspiration?
Other illustrators are really inspiring to me. So many of the other illustrators taking part in this project inspire me daily on twitter! Also, the other ladies joining me to make Tea & Crayons collective inspire me greatly! My family have always been a great inspiration, they are all so creative. My dad used to make beautiful art from wood, and he build us a full sized horse when we were young. He was one of the most inspiring men you could ever meet.

If you could be anyone or anything what would you be?
I'd love to be a cat! Imagine spending your days sleeping, eating, wondering around aimlessly and generally having no cares in the world! I'd like to attach a camera to my cats to see what they really get up to though! I like to think they meet up and draw :)

What attracted you most about the iF I WAS YOU project?
Other than the other fabulous contributors, the main attraction for me was being able to draw another illustrator! It's a little scary wondering if they'll be happy with what i've come up with, but drawing people is certainly my favourite area of illustration, so I wanted to join in!