// Daryl Morris

"If I was Mohan Ballard I would try and catch a big angular cab."
Question time
Trousers or skirts?
Do you mean for me or anyone? I tend not to wear skirts, what with being a non-scottish man 'n' all, not that I don't look sexy in a pair of tights and a sweet a-line, but come the inevitable zombocolypse I would reccomend that women stay away from skirts. Less sexy equals less likely to get bitten on the legs. 

Who or what is your biggest inspiration?
No one person or thing really, I tend to see things I really like and say to myself "I want to be able to do things like that" then I try to improve my skills until I can do it for myself. The animation of Steve Moore is really good, that was the reason I got into using vector graphics in the first place, also the works of Mike Judge got me through some tough times, mostly Beavis and Butt-head.

Would you really trade your life with someone else?
You say "really" like I brought it up myself, but I wouldn't mind being someone with a full head of hair for once, or maybe an attractive woman. Come to think of it attractive women tend to have hair so I'll go ahead and say yes, a woman. Unless you mean lifestyle in which case I'd rather just edit out most of the alone time from what I'm currently doing and go for that rather than a flat out swap. Or a cat, cats have it pretty good.