// Natasha T

 "If I Was Matthew, I would have an X Factor party, serving sweet jelly snakes to show them who was boss"

Question time
What is your dad's favourite animal? 
His favourite animal, which he took a long time thinking about, is a bear. I was surprised actually, I thought he'd say a Labrador as we have a lovable one called Phoebe, or perhaps a kestrel as his favourite film is Kes. But he is full of surprises!

Tell us about your weirdest, most fantastical or scariest dream! 
My scariest dreams consist of moths and butterflies as I have a phobia of them and they are so often in my subconscious which must be why they make it into my dreams sometimes. A weird dream I had the other night had me folding and pinching the tiny chocolate croissants Nigella Lawson makes, I woke up and thought I'd dropped the tray with them on and was looking for them next to my bed, convinced they were real. I think I have been watching way too much Nigella.

Who or what is your biggest inspiration? 
I'm inspired by fairy tales, disney films, pink paper, neon peach pens, afternoon teas, wearing peter pan collar dresses, Sofia Coppola films, Marie Antoinette is my favourite, film soundtracks- I love Whip It so that's constantly on repeat at the moment.