// Matthew Ellero


"If I was Joy, I would sit in the forest with my animal friends playing computer games"

Question time
What did you dream about last night?
Can't remember what i dreamed about last night but i remember a dream from a few nights ago. I was chasing someone through some woods. It was autumn so there were lots of leaves of the ground. I slipped down a leafy slope and at the bottom found that there were lots of snakes slithering about in the fallen leaves. Then i woke up needing the loo but was afraid to go because i thought there'd be lots of snakes on the floor!

Who or what is your biggest inspiration?
I dont really have a single person who is my biggest inspiration. I love lots of illustrators- Amy Sol, Jon Burgerman, Camilla D’Errico and they all inspire me in some way.
I do feel that I need to prove to people that I can be successful as a freelancer, so that kind of inspires me  and keeps me going.

Where do you see yourself in five years time?
Option A: Living in a nice apartment on the outskirts of a nice city, freelancing as an illustrator.
Option B: Having won X-Factor, breaking records and womens hearts as a pop star.