// Keeley Smith

'If I was Donna, I would spend a beautiful summers day admiring butterflies and ponder over how many times they flap their wings in one given day.'

Question time

What did you have for breakfast?
Unfortunately it was plain old baked beans for me this morning. I'm moving house on Saturday so I'm trying not to buy any more food and eat through the remains of my cupboards.

What did you dream about last night?
It's a bit blurry but an old friend and I were in a seaside town, walking along a beach(we were pretty wrapped up in hats and coats so I think it may have been winter) and we came across a stray, three-legged dog- poor old boy. My memory goes a bit blank after that but I've never walked along a beach in winter and this dream has definately inspired me to try it out at the end of this year!

Where do you see yourself in five years time?I see myself still residing with my bestest chum and a cat, maybe still in London, maybe not, with a bit more life experience under my belt but still feeling 17 years old.