// Leamonade

'If I Was Jamie, I would take Rubi to visit the (unfortunately halitosis riddled) Chow Chow Bears.' 

 Question time 

Your website is called leamonade! Very clever Lea! Do you drink a lot of it?
Not particularly, I love all juices equally! Caramel and Hazelnut Frappuccinos however are a very different matter, unfortunately nothing coffee based really went with my name. I tried some combinations but I drew the line at 'Iced Leatt√©' 

Tell us about your weirdest, most fantastical or scariest dream!
People usually regret asking me this question as they're generally as detailed as a movie and sometimes as long. With this in mind I'll mention some very briefly.
Weirdest -
There was a time when I discovered the reason why people were being vaporised left right and center wasn't random, it was because they were moaning about the weather so the sun was killing them. I tested this theory by telling the sun how awesome he is and a little present appeared in my hand.
Fantastical -
There was the time I ran away from my wedding because I suddenly realized I didn't know who my husband was. I escaped on a coach with my mates only to be confronted by 6ft tall irredecent purple ducks, shooting rainbow laser beams from their bills. Their leader turned out to be a tiny lil frog, whose head I had to squish :(
There was another time when me, a beggar-man and some random woman were hunted by Virgin Trains staff. One offered us a lift home but tried to crash the car, we survived and then found a bronze sword in her car. when the beggar-man touched it, his DNA brought her back to life and also summoned our shadow-looney-tunes alter-ego's, Beggar-man was Shadow Bugs, I was Shadow Daffy and the random was Shadow Porky Pig. Lots of awesome fighting ensued.
To be honest pretty much every dream I have involves me defeating/meeting some sort of random creatures, a couple of other's i've faced have been the 'Dancing, zombie, crack-hoe troop, led by Zombie LL Cool J'. And The "Giant Butterfly" which turned out to be a cute Red Panda/Otter with praying matis claws coming out of it's chest and those lil fang type things Chinese Water Deer have.
Scary -
I see my dreams more like games, so im never scared, apart from when I face one particular foe. Out of everything I've met or defeated in my dreams, only one thing has ever killed me. It's Lambrini loving, baby making, happy slapping Chav. They've only appeared a few times, the first time I wasn't scared but in the second dream I remembered I'd been killed by one before, ever since then I always run from them, and they always get me!

Who or what is your biggest inspiration? 
So many inspirations, I guess nowadays my biggest is Bobby Chiu, he broadcasts on ustream every now and then and invites people to paint along with him. He's like the best motivational coach ever. Whenever I have a long piece to do, I'll stick on an old chiucast, listening to him makes it impossible to get distracted.