// Piktografika

'If I Was Emma, I would turn into an owl and fly to the island where the wild things grow' 

Question time

Would you rather be the Queen/King of a country or the scariest monster there is?
I would like to be the King of Wonderland. That would be a great job for me.  I wouldn't even cry "Off with their heads!" all the time.
Who or what is your biggest inspiration?
This might be an unexpected answer but I think it's David Bowie. His sounds and visions made me realize that you can do anything. And some of the Ziggy Stardust costumes are so freaked out and funny.
If you could be anyone or anything what would that be?
Ummm... the King of Wonderland?  Or maybe just a cat living in a fantastic palace built by cat worshippers. It could be interesting to be some kind of time travelling alien like Dr. Who and I  would really like to be the world's greatest dad. Some combination of all these things maybe?