// June Sees

'If I were Patrik, I will star in my own Kabuki Theatre, rescue the Mistress and defeat evil villains.' 

Question time

What would be your dream creature if you could breed one?
Mermaids, I would breed mermaids. Not sure how, since it has been done before with monkey and fish tail. Looks very wrong but I'll find a way to bring mermaids into the world. 
Who or what is your biggest inspiration?
My inspirations ranges from artists I highly admire and solely respect, also mostly from my memories, experiences and everyday routines, especially if you see the unusual with my own eyes. 
Did you ever dream of being someone or something else?
Used to, dreamt of being manatee, swimming in the see, all big and squidgey. Ultimately Its cool being June. Also who knows what I'm going to be in the next life??